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Research on Improving Methods for Visualizing Common Elements in Video Game Applications

Sven FORSTMANN , Ph.D Thesis 2013

The Ph.D Thesis covers skeletal animation by spline skinning, large procedural generated volumetric terrains, and high resolution voxel raycasting.



Efficient, High-Quality, GPU-Based Visualization of Voxelized Surface Data with Fine and Complicated Structures

Sven FORSTMANN, Jun OHYA , IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems 2011

We propose a GPU-based method that can visualize voxelized surface data with fine and complicated features, has high rendering quality at interactive frame rates, and provides low memory consumption. The surface data is compressed using run-length encoding (RLE) for each level of detail (LOD).

RLE Voxel

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Deformation styles for spline-based skeletal animation

Sven Forstmann, Jun Ohya, Artus Krohn-Grimberghe, Ryan McDougall, SCA Proceedings 2007

We present a novel skinned skeletal animation system based on spline-aligned deformations for providing high quality and fully designable deformations in real-time.

Deformation Styles

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Visualizing Large Procedural Volumetric Terrains Using Nested Clip-Boxes

We propose a novel terrain-rendering method based on nested Clip-Boxes to visualize massive procedural volumetric terrains. In our method, the terrain is defined as a three dimensional function, provided by the user. Different from existing methods, ours is the first to allow the immediate visualization of arbitrary sized volumetric terrains in real-time.

Large Terrains

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Real-Time Stereo by using Dynamic Programming

A Dynamic Programming (DP) based algorithm that achieves real-time, high quality stereo-matching is presented. A special coarse to fine approach as well as the MMX based assembler implementation mainly contribute to the reached computation speed.

Stereo Matching

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List of Publications / Text

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Co-authored papers:

L. Jen Chen, J. Ohya, S. Yonemura, S. Forstmann, Y. Tokunaga: Prompter "." Based Creating Thinking Support Communication System That Allows Hand-Drawing. HCI (2) 2009: 783-790

I. Goncharenko, M. Svinin, S. Forstmann, Y. Kanou, and S. Hosoe, "On the Influence of Arm Inertia and Configuration on Motion Planning of Reaching Movements in Haptic Environments"