Java-Texture Generator

The Java Texture Generator is a powerful Utility to create thousands of different Random-Textures. In this Version you can also control RGB-Colors, Color-Key, Bightness, Contrast, Resolution, count of Iterations, and Colormodel ( single/multicolor ). If you need a sequence of animated Textures, its also possible; there could be saved 32,64,128 or 256 Animations; they' re saved as Bitmaps ( BMP ). In a Video editing utility, its now easy to
create a .avi ,animated GIF  or .mpg from this Images.

If you are in IE, you can take a preview here .
( saving is in IE only possible, if all security is disabled - it currently does not work in Netscape )

 Random Texture Generators ( DOS ) 

This Programs generate Textures, which could be used in Web-Pages and Games. The Generators use the 640x480x24 - Vesa - Mode to show the Images. If you save them, it could take a while .
( cause of the large calculations, its very slow ).

Here are the Controls for the Generators:

Left Mousebutton: Next Image
Right Mousebutton: Save Image
both Mousebuttons : Exit to DOS