A Voxel based 3D-Engine,coded in 1996 by
me; Soundblaster & Network support done by Chris. For further details chck out the .DOC ; especially the Bugs section.
The Engine was coded in Assembler and Pascal; the Source is included . If you get a 
RUNTIME ERROR 200, try this little Patch.
Technical Information :

The Engine uses Z-Maps to render the heights for each pixel. This allows the Program to calculate animated Water in Realtime.
For new sound, the MUSIC.WAV - File can be replaced by another 2MB - 22khz - Audio File.
The Engine runs in Protected-Realmode ( switches in Protected mode - set 4GB Segment Descriptors and goes back to Realmode; then the 4GB could be accessed from Realmode ) ,
so no Memory-Manager should be present , when the Program is started . ( so Win95 should choose the safe-command-Prompt - Option at startup )

Beast/Turrican Applet

This is a Preview of a Mix of a Turrican and a Beast-Jump'n Run - coded in Java.


Fantasy Fighter

This Game is a 1-Level Shoot'em up Game with 13-times Paralaxscrolling and was codeded ASSEMBLER by me in 1994 ( the Source can be enhanced to a full Game ) . It runs in Protected Mode and uses a high optimized routine to draw the Sprites. The Source is included. For changing the Sound, the TRANCE.WAV- File can be replaced with another 2MB-11Khz-Wave File . ( The Sound-output is still buggy )

3D-Jump'n Run

This Game Editor is a Sample for a 3D- Jump'n Run Game ( The Source includes the Editor and a Subroutine to show the Scene  ) . The Texture routines are written in ASSEMBLER and  linked in the Pascal code . It can be contolled by Mouse and Keyboard. The Engine is very simple ( the Scene could not be rotated ) but very fast . It was done in 1995 by me.