These Engines demonstrates, what coud be done, with alround 1K-Sourcecode. They use the Pulsar - technic to render the Scene. It is steered by mouse and was codedby me  in Pascal . If you have Problems with the Runtime-200 Error, try this Fix. ( Happens above 266 Mhz )
( 1998 )


This Program demonstates a rotating floor; steered by mouse . It was coded by me in Pascal in 1998. The Speed could be adjusted by pressing one of the Mouse-Buttons.


This Demos are a Vectorballdemonstrations; coded in Assembler. Each Demo has only 1K-Source. This Demo was also released in the PC-Magazine.

Rekursive Scrolling

This Demos demonstates Scrolling with unlimited Paralax Layers (right) and a rekursive rotating soften Zoomer ( left ). They were coded in 1997 by me in Pascal ( left ) and Assembler ( right ). This Demos were also released in the PC-Magazine.

Splines and Blobs

This Samples demonstrates the usage of Spline- and Blob Effects. This Demos can be used as Idea how to create Spline Surfaces and Blobs in 2D & 3D .