3D-Engines section updated

Now added a downloadlink to the
Executeables of HVox!

to the 3D Engines page
to the Executeables Directly

Spooky3D updated

Also added a downloadlink to the
Executeables of the new Spooky version!

to the Spooky3D page
to the Executeables Directly


just finished a presentation
about Stereo matching, Voxel Coloring and
the logarithmic Voxelspace

download here


3D-Engines section updated

added little presentation about the
hierarchical voxel engine,

link to the updated 3D-Engines Page


3D-Engines section updated

I added a background now in the
hierarchical voxel engine,
I also added new screenshots and
  fixed a few bugs in the source.

link to the updated 3D-Engines Page


new Screenshots of the Hierarchic Voxel-Engine

now, the connection beween the cubes with different voxel-resolutions is done,
and a Voxel-Volume of 512x512x512 can be generated/displayed
at about 20 FPS with ca. 140k Polygons (dependent to the scene-complexity)
Trianglestrips are generated now as well.

[ Screenshots ]

[ mirror: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15]


first Screenshots of my new Voxel Engine

it creates a random voxel volume, transforms this into a polygon mesh
(without marching cubes) and smoothes this mesh afterwards

[ Screenshot 1 ]
[Screenshot 2 ]
[Screenshot 3 ]

Presentation about stereomatching in Realtime

presented at 3D.Inc./Yokohama and Waseda University/Tokyo  [ Link ]

Presentation about creating a procedural Universe

presented at the HfG Karlsruhe/Digital Media:  [ Link ]

Photos of my  journey to Japan online

here:  [ Link ]



New Spooky Page online

Spooky3D is now online in a new version with future-style environment and fractal architecture. Tracking via vfw vor up to 32 people is included as well.
[ Link ]



New Screenshots available


Aquaricon 3D



Rundgang 2002

Spooky3D and Aquaricon could be seen at the Rundgang 2002
at the HfG-Karlsruhe two weeks ago. [ Photos ]

Here're two tiny VC++ examples available for download:


reads incoming midi-data from the gameport
and sets the mousepointer to the transformed position

Set Videomode

Uses the Commandline for Setting the Videomode


Spooky 3D won the second prize and was the best work
at the Tweenwork Award, which took place at the FMX/02.
The first prize was not warded this time; it is kept for next year.
It is a prize for interdisciplinary works of students, initiated by a
part of the GI ( a community for informatics ), called Fachgruppe 4.14.
The FMX is the most important event for digital animation,
digital effects and digital content in germany.


Spooky 3D update

Added Site with detailed Info here


Demos update

The Aquarium was shown in Karlsruhe at the
IT-Portal Opening Ceremony
It got  a view modifications for that presentation, cause
the device has changed from touchscreen to  beamer.
So now, Joystick and Mouse are there for
interaction with the fishes.


Demos update

New Screenshots of the Aquarium now online
It was shown in Frankfurt
at the X-mas Party of KPMG Consulting Inc.
on 3 Touch screens.


Spooky-3D was Image of the Day on Flipcode


Demos update

Spooky-3D Demo available for download


Spooky-3D was shown at the 3rd Karlsruher Museumsnacht (KaMuNa)



3DED update

3DED has now some more features + bugfixes:

  • animated objects can follow splines + change their rotation + speed
  • rekursive objects ( similar to nvidias tree-demo )
  • 100 undo / redo  steps
  • .wrl export ( VRML )


3DED update

There's now a first GL-Test Executable
for downloading availabe
( landscape & benchmark included )


Now 3DED is nearly complete GL
( but there is still the landscape-engine left,
which has to be rewritten )


Gallery update

There is a new Image available -
it's called Made of Steel.
It was first drawed by biro; then I scanned it and
added the background afterwards.


3DED update

New Screenshots - now with Atmosphere


3DED update

 now, the 3DED-W32 is available as Glide-Test-Version for downloading
It's still buggy, but most of the Functions should work..


Picture update

 added 3 Pix to the Sound & GFX Section and
new Screenshots of 3DED-W32



Fixed Hang-when-ESC-Bug in Pulsar (thx to Alex Frounze).


 Turrican 3D

Of the great Jump'n RUN, called Turrican, is now
a 3D-Version by Manfred Trenz  in Work.
( He also did Turrican I+II on the Amiga,C64 and ST :)) )
It should be ready at the End of the Year.
Now, there are 3 MPG's and new Screenshots out - check out the T3D-Homepage :o

MPG 1 - 2 - 3



Added IPX Source to ZIP, fixed Sampling Rate and Memory detect.


Added Home and Back Buttons to all x86Islands-Subsites



Completed the Z-Clipping of Triangles;
If there is none, the Triangles zap away at Z-Coordinates below 0.



Added Load/Save-Option for Objects.
Also Screenshots are possible ( only with Glide at the Moment )


Security Bug in Java-Script in Netscape - Java-Scripts can get the complete Config
try this Example.


 Changed NEW-OLD-Text to HOT-COLD-Images


Added x86-Islands Section cause of the long x86 list
3DED for DOS is added with Source to the 3d-engines-section, and can now be downloaded


Various Errors of the CGI have been removed


The Site could also be reached by

arrive.at/islands [with banner]
islands.playsite.de [with banner]


The Site is now online :)