Lost Robot II

This game was done in 1993 by me - it was coded in ASSEMBLER with the Action-Replay machine-code-monitor.
Until now, there is only the 1st level playable; the grafix for the 2nd is included . 
The source of the main game starts in the "0"- file at adress 5195.
( for this version, the track 42 copyprotection is disabled , cause it should run on the CCS64-Emulator )

Lost Robot

this game was done in 1990 by me; it was coded in BASIC (compiled) + ASSEMBLER .
It was also released in the 64'er Magazine ( in a special issue ).
Start the game by typing LOAD":*",8,1
It also runs with the CCS64-Emulator like all other programs .


This game was done in 1994 by me ; It was coded in ASSEMBLER ( Action Replay ) and demonstates BEAST-like 13 layer paralaxscrolling . The background was done with interlaced rasterbars. 


Little Jump'n Run ( 5K ) with multiple paralax layers & raster bars . It was coded by me in ASSEMBLER ( using the Action Replay Monitor ) and was released in the 64'er magazine years ago..


A tiny game to test your skill. Its your challenge to move the UFO through the Bubbles without hitting one. It was written in ASSEMBLER ( Action Replay ) decades ago by me.
Simply LOAD and RUN


A funny 5K-game written in about 1 week; 
It was coded in ASSEMBLER ( A.R. ) between 1990 and 1995 by me . Its up to you, to let Slimer eat all what flies, but not the not the BOMBS. The game ends, if Slimer has enough.


A nice utility to create games like Bubbles ( you should not collidide with the background )
It is a collection of 4 programs which helps you create a game like the example on the left.
The Creator was done in ASSEMBLER and was released in the 64'er Magazine years ago.


A two player game with scrolling in a splitted screen; playable with joystick in port 1+2. The goal is to find the exit of the Labyrinth. There is also a Labyrinth-Editor included to create own Labyrinths. ( also coded in ASSEMBLER  )


My very first game, written in BASIC , in 1988.
Its a very simple Jump'n Move without Scrolling.
The screens in the game are part of the BASIC-Listing.